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About Color Vinyl, Decorative Films & Writing Board Vinyl

Explore the True Potential of Your Projects with Our Color Vinyl, Decorative Films & Writing Board Vinyl!

Color vinyl typically refers to sheets or rolls of vinyl material that come in various colors. It's commonly used for a wide range of applications, including crafting, signage, vehicle graphics, and decorative purposes.

Color vinyl is often associated with vinyl cutting machines, which can precisely cut intricate designs and shapes from these colored vinyl sheets. It's a versatile material that allows for the creation of colorful and eye-catching designs in a variety of industries.

Decorative films, often referred to as decorative vinyl or decorative window films, are thin, adhesive-backed vinyl sheets designed to enhance the appearance of various surfaces.

Writing board vinyl, also known as dry-erase vinyl or whiteboard vinyl, is a type of vinyl material with a special coating that allows it to function as a dry-erase writing surface.


Color vinyl boasts a wide range of applications. It's commonly used in signage and advertising, both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its vibrant colors and durability. In the automotive industry, it's perfect for vehicle wraps and graphics. For DIY enthusiasts, it's a favorite for customizing apparel, home decor, and personal accessories.

Interior designers use it for artistic accents in homes, while event decorators employ it for banners, decals, and table settings, adding a creative touch to various occasions. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for those looking to add a pop of color and creativity to their projects.

Decorative films are often applied to windows, glass partitions, and interiors. Writing board vinyl is ideal for offices, classrooms, and homes, offering a writable and erasable alternative to traditional boards.


Vinyl window films boast numerous advantages. Its versatility shines in various applications, from eye-catching indoor and outdoor signage to cost-effective automotive wraps. DIY enthusiasts embrace it for personalizing clothing, decor, and accessories with precision.

In interior design, it adds artistic touches to walls, furniture, and windows, while event decorators use it for vibrant banners and decor elements. These custom window films’ ability to transform projects with vibrant colors and durability makes them an invaluable choice across a range of creative endeavors.

Decorative films & writing board vinyl offer both privacy and style. They let in natural light while concealing the view from outside, making them perfect for windows and glass doors. With a wide variety of patterns and textures, they can enhance the look of interiors, and they're a budget-friendly alternative to costly replacements.

Writing board vinyl is all about practicality. It transforms surfaces into writable and erasable boards, saving space and providing a handy canvas for notes and drawings. It's easy to clean, eco-friendly by reducing paper waste, and versatile for offices, classrooms, or home use, making it a smart choice for those who value functionality and organization.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

At Blue Rhine, we offer a wide range of color vinyl, decorative films & writing board vinyl from well-known brands like Rhinecal, Aslan, Intercoat, General formulations and Rhine Graphics. We recommend the use of good-quality inks and printers to ensure maximum durability for outdoor applications and the best print result.

The whole range of color vinyl is available at our stores located in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

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