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About HIP Range

The HIP (High Intensity Prismatic) range represents a category of reflective sheeting material specifically engineered for traffic signs. It stands out for its exceptional ability to provide high levels of reflectivity, even at extended distances and broad viewing angles. Comprised of micro prisms that effectively redirect light towards its source, HIP sheeting ensures heightened visibility, particularly in low-light conditions.


These reflective materials are predominantly applied in the field of traffic signage and road safety. HIP sheeting plays a crucial role in creating road signs that are highly visible to drivers, especially during nighttime or adverse weather conditions. Its outstanding reflective properties contribute significantly to enhancing road safety and reducing the risk of accidents.


The advantages of HIP sheeting are evident in its capacity to improve visibility and road safety. It offers superior reflectivity, even from a considerable distance and varying angles, ensuring that important traffic information is readily discernible to drivers.

Additionally, HIP materials are known for their durability and resistance to weathering, ensuring that signs maintain their reflective properties over an extended period.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Blue Rhine, a trusted provider in the signage industry, offers a comprehensive range of HIP (High Intensity Prismatic) reflective sheeting materials. Their product line includes various grades and colors, allowing customers to select the most suitable option for their specific traffic sign applications.

With Blue Rhine's high-quality HIP sheeting, customers can confidently contribute to road safety by creating highly visible and durable traffic signs.

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