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About Application Paper

Application paper is a semi-transparent and pliable material with a specific purpose: transferring computer-cut designs, letters, and logos onto the intended surface of the application. Its primary function is to facilitate a swift and secure transfer process, ensuring that the applied design adheres precisely as intended.


The applications of application paper are prevalent in the realm of graphics and signage. It plays a pivotal role in the production of vinyl decals, stickers, and signage. This versatile material is essential for achieving precise and accurate placements of designs and lettering onto various surfaces, including windows, walls, vehicles, and promotional displays.


The advantages of application paper are evident in its role as a reliable aid in the transfer process. It ensures that computer-cut designs adhere seamlessly to the final surface, eliminating misalignments and errors. Its semi-transparent nature allows for easy visualization during the application, contributing to precision and efficiency.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Blue Rhine, a reputable provider in the signage and graphics industry, offers a comprehensive range of high-quality application paper materials. Their product lineup includes various sizes and types tailored to suit different applications and preferences.

With Blue Rhine's application paper, customers can confidently achieve precise and trouble-free transfers of computer-cut designs, elevating the quality and professionalism of their graphics and signage projects.

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