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Acrylic Glue 2.5l

AED 109.88
(VAT Included)

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About Acrylic Adhesive

Acrylic adhesive is a solvent-based adhesive known for its fast-drying properties, resulting in a water-thin consistency upon application. This versatile adhesive is primarily used for bonding various plastics, including acrylic, ABS, styrene, butyrate, and polycarbonate.

However, it's important to note that acrylic adhesive can become unstable when exposed to air, light, and heat, affecting its long-term performance.


In terms of applications, acrylic adhesive finds use in a wide range of industries and tasks requiring efficient bonding of plastics. It is commonly employed in signage and display fabrication, where it securely joins acrylic panels and components.

In the automotive industry, it is utilized for bonding plastic parts and trim. Acrylic adhesive also plays a role in product assembly, particularly for plastics, where its quick-drying nature accelerates production processes.


The advantages of acrylic adhesive include its rapid drying time, enhancing bonding operations' efficiency, and reducing downtime. It forms strong and durable bonds, ensuring that joined materials stay securely connected.

However, its sensitivity to environmental factors like air, light, and heat means it should be stored and used carefully to maintain its effectiveness.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

When it comes to adhesive solutions, Blue Rhine offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products, including acrylic adhesives. Their commitment to quality and performance ensures that professionals have access to reliable adhesives that meet the specific needs of their projects.

With Blue Rhine, you can trust in the effectiveness and versatility of acrylic adhesives for your bonding requirements.

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