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About Adhesive & Glues

Unlock the Power of Seamless Bonding with Our Premium Adhesive Glue Range!

Adhesive & glues are substances that are used to bond two or more surfaces together by creating a strong and permanent connection. They can be natural or synthetic and come in various forms such as liquids, pastes, films, or tapes. Adhesives work by sticking to the surface of an object, creating a bond that resists separation or peeling.


Adhesive glues come in different types, each with its own specific applications. Acrylic glue is used for bonding plastics, metals, and glass in signage and assembly. Soudal Fix All Crystal is often used in construction and repairs, while Sign Bond is specifically designed for outdoor signage materials.

UV glue is used for electronics and optical applications and cures quickly when exposed to UV light. All of these glues offer strong adhesion and are useful in a range of industries.


The common advantages of adhesive glues are their ability to create strong and permanent bonds, their ease of use, and their versatility. They can bond a wide range of materials together, including plastics, metals, and glass.

Adhesive glues are also often faster and more efficient than traditional methods such as welding or using fasteners, and they can be used in hard-to-reach places. Additionally, they can improve the aesthetic appearance of a finished product as they don't leave visible marks or damage the surfaces being bonded.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Being a leading distributor of adhesives in the region, we offer a wide range of glues from acrylic glue to Soudal Fix All Crystal, Sign Bond, and UV Glue, we've got the perfect photo-curing solution for your ABS, HIPS, PS, PC, PVC, and Acrylate bonding needs. Plus, with affordable pricing across the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain & KSA, you can bond with confidence.

The full range is available in our stores located throughout the GCC, including the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

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