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About Polycarbonate Rolls

Polycarbonate rolls are extended and pliable plastic sheets manufactured from top-quality polycarbonate material. These rolls are characterized by their durability and remarkable versatility, making them invaluable for several applications. Their exceptional impact resistance and capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions set them apart as dependable materials in various industries.


Their applications span a wide range of industries, with a significant presence in construction and safety. In construction, polycarbonate rolls are frequently employed for roofing and skylights due to their resilience to adverse weather.

Polycarbonate rolls also find utility in safety applications, where their high impact resistance makes them ideal for protective barriers and glazing. Additionally, they contribute to the agricultural sector, serving as effective greenhouse coverings.


The advantages of polycarbonate rolls are evident in their combination of flexibility and robustness. They offer a cost-effective roofing and glazing solution while ensuring long-term durability and weather resistance. Their versatility extends to ease of installation and customization, allowing for tailored solutions to various needs.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Blue Rhine, a trusted provider in the signage and graphics industry, offers a comprehensive range of high-quality polycarbonate rolls. Their product lineup includes various sizes, thicknesses, and specifications, catering to diverse industry requirements.

With Blue Rhine's polycarbonate rolls, customers can confidently address their roofing, skylight, and protective barrier needs, benefiting from the flexibility and resilience of this versatile material.

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