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About Fabric Frame Profiles

Fabric frame profiles, offered by Blue Rhine, represent a unique category of framing systems designed to deliver modern and sleek displays. These systems are engineered to stretch fabric graphics, creating a visually appealing and clean presentation.

Fabric frame profiles consist of specialized aluminum extrusions meticulously crafted to securely hold silicone edge graphics in place. This innovative approach ensures that fabric graphics maintain a taut and smooth appearance within the frame.


Fabric frame profiles find applications across various industries and settings. They are frequently utilized for creating captivating displays in commercial and retail environments, such as stores, exhibitions, showrooms, and events.

In addition, they serve as versatile solutions for enhancing interior spaces in offices, lobbies, and even residential settings. The ability to effortlessly update the fabric graphics makes fabric frame profiles ideal for conveying changing promotional messages, artwork, branding, and decor.


The advantages of fabric frame profiles are multifaceted. They offer a seamless, wrinkle-free presentation of fabric graphics, ensuring that the visuals remain appealing and engaging. The silicone edge graphics can be easily swapped out, allowing for cost-effective and convenient updates of promotional content.

These profiles are lightweight, making them straightforward to install and relocate, as well as environmentally friendly as they can be reused without significant waste. With their modern design, fabric frame profiles provide an elegant solution for elevating the visual impact of interior spaces and advertising displays.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Blue Rhine offers a diverse range of fabric frame profiles, available in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various display requirements. Our selection of profiles ensures the secure and professional mounting of silicone edge graphics, guaranteeing a pristine, tensioned display.

By choosing Blue Rhine, you access a sophisticated and versatile framing system that empowers your ability to create captivating, ever-changing displays and interior designs with ease and efficiency.

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