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Fine LED Transformer - 300W - 12V - Waterproof

AED 191.31
(Price Inclusive of VAT)
Bulk Price Save up to 3%

Fine LED Transformer - 240W - 12V - Waterproof

AED 163.80
(Price Inclusive of VAT)
Bulk Price Save up to 10%

Fine LED Transformer - 150W - 12V - Waterproof

AED 113.40
(Price Inclusive of VAT)
Bulk Price Save up to 3%

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About LED Drivers

LED drivers are electronic devices that provide the necessary power and control to operate light-emitting diodes (LEDs), making them essential in any LED lighting system. They also provide protection for the LEDs by regulating the voltage and current to prevent damage from power fluctuations or over-current.

We offer a wide spectrum of high-quality LED drivers from a large number of well-known brands, including but not limited to AgiLight, Tridonic, Fine Powerex Co. Ltd., MEANWELL PSU, Posco, Samsung Electronics, Kepco. etc.