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About Vinyl With Grey Removable Glue

Vinyl with grey removable glue is a specialized adhesive vinyl film equipped with a low-tack, grey-colored adhesive backing. This unique adhesive property enables effortless removal and repositioning, making it an ideal choice for temporary displays and graphics.


This versatile vinyl finds extensive applications within the signage industry, particularly for temporary graphics and displays. It's commonly utilized for short-term promotional campaigns, event signage, retail window displays, and any situation where easy removal without adhesive residue is paramount.


One of the primary advantages of vinyl with grey removable glue is its ability to be repositioned without causing damage or leaving behind sticky residue. This feature simplifies the installation process, reduces the risk of errors, and allows for quick adjustments during application. It offers a cost-effective solution for short-term advertising needs while ensuring a clean removal process.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

At Blue Rhine, we provide a comprehensive range of vinyl with grey removable glue tailored to meet diverse signage requirements. Our offerings include various sizes and specifications, ensuring that you have the flexibility to choose the right product for your temporary signage and promotional projects. Count on us for quality, reliability, and expert support in your signage endeavors.

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