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About Mesh Banner

A mesh banner is a specialized form of large format print media that features tiny perforations designed to facilitate airflow. This unique characteristic makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications, particularly in areas prone to windy conditions. The perforations in the material also contribute to its distinct visual effect when viewed from a distance.


Mesh banners are widely used for a variety of outdoor applications where conventional banners may not be suitable due to windy environments. They are commonly employed for large outdoor advertising displays, construction site signage, fence wraps, and building wraps.

These banners are versatile and ideal for events, sports venues, and promotional campaigns that require long-lasting and visually appealing outdoor graphics.

Mesh banners offer several advantages, including their ability to withstand windy conditions without tearing or flapping excessively. Their perforated structure allows wind to pass through, reducing the strain on the banner and ensuring it remains intact.

Additionally, the perforations create an intriguing visual effect, enhancing the aesthetics of the banner when seen from a distance.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

At Blue Rhine, we provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality mesh banner materials and printing solutions to meet the needs of outdoor advertising and promotional projects. Our mesh banners are designed to offer durability and weather resistance while ensuring the graphics maintain their visual impact, making them an ideal choice for various outdoor applications.

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