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About Mounting Films

Mounting films are versatile double-sided adhesive solutions employed to affix printed graphics or images firmly to various substrates like foam board, plastic, or metal. Their widespread applications are notably prevalent in the display and signage industry, facilitating the creation of large-scale graphics and mounting posters, photos, or artwork with precision.


These films offer a reliable means of adhering to graphics seamlessly, ensuring they remain securely affixed even in high-traffic or outdoor settings. They eliminate the need for messy glues and provide a clean, professional finish to graphics and signage projects.


The advantages of mounting films include their ease of use, quick application, and strong bond, which contributes to the longevity of displayed graphics. Additionally, they allow for precise alignment, ensuring the final result is visually appealing and free from wrinkles or bubbles.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

At Blue Rhine, we offer a comprehensive range of mounting films tailored to various substrates and applications. Our selection ensures that you have access to the right adhesive solution for your specific project needs, whether it's mounting large-scale graphics for a marketing campaign or displaying artwork with finesse.

With Blue Rhine, you can trust in the quality and versatility of our mounting films to elevate your visual projects to the next level.

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