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About Foam Boards

Unleash Your Creative Potential with Our Versatile Large Foam Board Sheets!

Foam boards, also known as foam core boards or large foam board sheets, are lightweight and versatile materials used in various applications. They are made by sandwiching a foam core between two flat, thin sheets of paper or plastic, creating a rigid and stable board.

As dedicated foam board suppliers, we cater to diverse needs in the signage industry, offering an essential canvas for imaginative projects. buy foam boards online through our user-friendly platform – bluerhine.store.


Foam display boards are widely used in the signage and advertisement industries. The common applications of large foam board sheets include wall paneling, packaging, traffic signs, office furniture, telephone booths, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and ceiling boards, among many others.


Foam boards are acid-free and pH-neutral, making them non-toxic to humans. They are environmentally friendly, adaptable, flexible and suitable for various home, office and industrial applications.

Foam display boards are extremely versatile in terms of usage, and they can easily be cut with a heavy-duty craft knife to form different shapes and forms. And, when cut, they provide a clean, straight edge.

As one of the best foam board suppliers in Dubai, we empower your creativity while catering to unique preferences. Buy foam boards online from us, where innovation meets accessibility, and your projects claim center stage.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Seamlessly buy foam boards online from our online platform – bluerhine.store - upholding convenience without compromise. Our dedication as one of the most reliable foam board suppliers in the GCC region echoes through quality offerings.

Being the leading distributor of foam display boards from many prestigious brands in the GCC, we offer a wide range of foam boards in multiple colors and sizes through our stores located throughout the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

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