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About Double Sided Red Tape

Double-sided red tapes are adhesive solutions distinguished by their polyester film coated with acrylic adhesive on both sides. This unique composition grants them superior bonding capabilities, even in high-temperature conditions.

These tapes are specifically designed to provide instantaneous adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including polypropylene, polyethylene, foams, and polyester. Their compatibility with die-cutting applications further enhances their versatility.


In terms of applications, double-sided red tapes are indispensable in industries and tasks where dependable bonding is a priority. They play a pivotal role in the automotive sector, facilitating the secure attachment of trim, emblems, and various components.

In the signage industry, these tapes enable efficient and robust bonding of signs and graphics to diverse surfaces. They are also favored in packaging and assembly operations, contributing to time-saving and efficient processes.


The advantages of double-sided red tapes are evident in their reliable adhesion, even under challenging high-temperature conditions. Their instant bonding capability enhances efficiency, especially in die-cutting applications where precision is essential.

Additionally, these tapes offer versatility, as they are compatible with various materials, simplifying the bonding process.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

When it comes to adhesive solutions, Blue Rhine offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products, including double-sided red tapes. Their commitment to quality and performance ensures that professionals have access to reliable adhesives that cater to the specific needs of their projects.

With Blue Rhine, you can trust in the effectiveness and versatility of double-sided red tapes for your bonding requirements.

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