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About Double Sided Foam Tape

Double-sided foam tapes are adhesive tapes with adhesive on both sides and a foam-based core in between. These tapes are designed to bond two surfaces together. The foam core provides flexibility and conforms to uneven surfaces, making it suitable for applications where a strong and secure bond is needed.

These foam tapes are commonly used for mounting objects, attaching automotive trims, and adhering signs or posters to different surfaces. They are known for their versatility, providing a reliable and cushioned bond.


In terms of definition, double-sided foam tapes are designed to facilitate secure bonding in various environments. Their polyethylene foam core ensures excellent weather resistance, making them suitable for outdoor applications. Additionally, their chemical resistance ensures longevity even in challenging conditions.

These tapes find extensive use in mounting and bonding tasks, making them a versatile choice in signage and graphics industries. They securely attach signs, nameplates, and logos to a wide range of surfaces, ensuring durability and reliability.


The advantages of double-sided foam tapes are multifaceted. First, they provide exceptional adhesion, ensuring that bonded materials stay securely connected, even in challenging conditions. Second, these tapes offer excellent weatherability, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, as they can withstand harsh environmental elements.

Third, their chemical resistance enhances their durability, ensuring they maintain their adhesive properties over time. Lastly, the versatility of double-sided foam tapes allows them to bond various materials, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of applications in industries like signage, graphics, and construction.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

When it comes to adhesive solutions, Blue Rhine offers a comprehensive range of high-quality adhesive products, including double-sided foam tapes. Their commitment to quality and performance ensures that professionals have access to reliable adhesives that cater to the specific needs of their projects.

With Blue Rhine, you can trust in the effectiveness and versatility of double-sided foam tapes for your mounting and bonding requirements.

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