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Seller : Blue Rhine
Product Code : TPC-AD3538-MF

Multifoil Anti-Dust Venting Tape for 10mm Twinwall

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Our range of Twinwall/Multiwall accessories includes 2 different types of tapes, the closed and venting.

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Multifoil's AntiDUST® breather tape is the benchmark for the polycarbonate industry. The product still offers fully integrated protection against the many problems that can appear in roofing systems such as algae growth and insects which leave the polycarbonate filthy within months!

  • Very durable
  • Easy to apply
  • No insects or dust
  • Proven preservation system
  • Moisture and temperature resistant
  • Double the life of the multi-wall sheets
  • Special anti-algae and anti-fungi treatment
  • Enables continuous drainage of condensation
  • Adapts to the expansion and contraction of the glazing material
  • Long-life strong plastic tape to resist friction from the aluminium cover profile

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