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Product Code : OSB-18-84-DB-50

Desert Board (OSB) 18 x 1220 x 2440 mm - Pallet of 50 sheets

Sold by : Blue Rhine
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AED 5,460.00

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(As Per Terms Price: 5,512.50)

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  • Eco Friendly
  • Quantity: 50 sheets in a pallet

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Made from locally sourced palm fronds, Desert Board is a greener alternative to commercial wood boards. This Oriented Strand Board (OSB) has three bonded layers of long wood strands arranged at right angles to each other, providing panels with excellent elasticity and bending resistance values.

This OSB format assures high versatility in building walls which, along with its moisture-resistant properties, make Desert Board suitable for all kinds of roofs and walls, including bitumen, bricks and tiles. It is ideal for internal wall linings, cladding, shop fitting, decorative paneling, cabinetry, office fit-outs and displays.

The OSB panels are produced with the best quality of glue, complying with the requirements of EN standards. Desert Board comes in a light straw color to a medium brown depending on production lot, resin system adopted and pressing conditions employed.

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