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Flap Disc(Zirconium) 40G x 115 MM

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Flap discs are abrasive wheels made up of overlapping “flaps” of cloth sanding strips. Each strip is coated in abrasive grains that wear away with use, exposing new grains on each flap to expand the life of the tool. They are made to work with angle grinders and die grinders.

Zirconia Alumina flap discs are ideal for use on Stainless steel and aluminum, sheet metal, tool steels, heat-treated steels, and aggressive use on heavy duty applications.The common flap disc uses include such as weld grinding, deburring, stock removal, rust removal, edge grinding, blending, and finishing, for use on ferrous metals, alloyed and unalloyed steels,& cast iron composites, plastics, wood and they are a great tool for polish-aluminum-beginners-guide/"& polishing aluminum.

Flap Disc Benefits

  • Economical/low-cost
  • Long-lasting
  • Multi-purpose
  • Gentler on soft metals, like aluminum
  • Less vibration than grinding wheels
  • A consistent rate of removal
  • Lightweight

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