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Product Code : BUFFING-WHEEL-G

Bench Grinder Buffing Polish Wheel (Quality-G) 60 PLY x 6”

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Polishing and buffing are types of finishing processes undertaken to smoothen up the surfaces of different metals. An abrasive buffing wheel or leather strap is used for polishing purposes.

Technically, it refers to processes that make use of abrasives that are glued to the work wheel.

Buffing, on the other hand, makes use of loose abrasive applied to the work wheel being used.

Buffs refer to rubbing objects that are usually made up of metal using a soft, dry cloth to make them shine.

Quality G

  • The quality G mop is for polishing silver, plastics, and brassware. Used also for coloring brass, copper, acrylic, and pewter after polishing. Also available in smaller diameters with sewn centers. The Buffing Wheels with high-grade cloth are durable, extra-long life.

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