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Product Code : AL-WS-REMOVER-AT

Aluminium Welding Black Spot Remover(PICK N PASS) 1Kg

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For removal of high-temperature oxide layers and annealing colors in the areas of welds and weld areas.


Nylon brushes of acid-resistant materials.


PICK N PASS is to be stirred with a plastic or wood stirrer before use, or shaken briefly. PICK N PASS is to be painted generously on the pickling positions. The reaction time should be observed as advised. Neutralization is then to be undertaken with PICK N PASS Neutralizer, after consulting the relative application instructions. Upon completion, the processed surface is to be rinsed under cold water, using a high-pressure water jet or hand clean with synthetic cloths.


  • Aluminium -10 - 15 minutes

The reaction time period is dependent on the quality of the working materials treated as well as on the ambient air- and materials' temperature. The optimal pickling temperature is around 25 - 30° C. Work routines should be avoided in direct sunlight (due to the hazard of premature drying).


1 kg of PICK N PASS is sufficient for 60 - 80 running meters approx. of the weld area.


PICK N PASS contains no chloride and Sulfates.

Safety Precautions:

PICK N PASS contains hydrofluoric acid.

Extremely toxic when inhaled or swallowed. Contact with the skin can cause severe acid bums.

Work routines should be carried out in a well-ventilated area. The store is also in a well-ventilated enclosure (the cans should be tightly closed). Breathing apparatus should be used when ventilation facilities are insufficient. Appropriate protective goggles, gloves, and clothing should be worn whilst working.

Contact with the eyes should be treated by thorough rinsing with water and thereafter a doctor should be consulted. Contaminated and soaked protective clothing should be immediately changed. Please also observe the detailed information given in the safety data sheet. The products are.only for commercial and industrial use.

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