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Product Code : PAINT-FILTER-190

Disposable 190 Micron(B-40) Paper Paint Filter Strainer-1000 Nos/CTN

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A paper paint strainer is a disposable funnel having the capacity to filter paint & remove impurities from the paint while loading paint in a spray gun or while brushing.

  • High-performance cone-shaped 190-micron paint strainers that eliminate dirt, dust, particulates, lumps, or any debris that can affect your paint job by clogging your spray gun, airless sprayer, or paintbrush.
  • Disposable paint funnel strainers are easy to use and fast to clean up - replace the used cone with a fresh one whenever you need it.
  • Strainers are perfect for all painting projects, as they strain out particles down to 190 microns and work for all types of solvent or water-based paints, stains, varnishes, epoxy, latex, and other liquids.
  • Disposable strainers are ideal for automotive coatings like primers, sealers, basecoats, clear coats, and single-stage topcoats. Also excellent for house, hobby, arts, and crafts…
  • Environmental protection and healthy
  • The filter paper is very thin, smooth, and delicate
  • Good filter and barrier property

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