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Product Code : NC-PUTTY-GRY

NC Putty Grey-Gln

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N.C. PUTTY is a special glazing filler based on modified alkyd resins, nitrocellulose, and selected extenders. It is formulated to give extra body to the surface and as a leveling filler to all wooden surfaces, and metal with a good sanding property. It gives a homogenous surface after finishing. It has good moisture resistance after drying it can withstand higher temperatures up to 60 Deg C without any physical change.

Product Usage:

NC PUTTY is specially used as a leveling filler for wood furniture and Metal.

Characteristics and Physical Properties:

  • Properties - Results
  • Appearance - Yellow
  • Specific gravty (kg/L) - 1.25
  • % Solids - 69
  • Flashpoint - 20 Deg.C
  • Coverage/coat - 5-6

Method of Application:

  • The surfaces must be primed and should be dry, clean, and free of any loose particles.
  • Scrape NC Putty at about 20 – 30 microns per coat (generally 2 coats or as necessary depending on the smoothness of the substrate).
  • Sand with sandpaper before application of intermediate coat and topcoat.

Drying Time:

  • Touch dry - 30-60 min.
  • Recoat - 3-4 hrs.
  • Sandable 30-45 min.


Keep material in a cool place below 250C. Keep the container tightly closed. Shelf life of 12 months minimum.

Cleaning of Tools:

All tools should be cleaned with Wash Thinner or NC Lacquer Thinner as soon as possible.


NC PUTTY does not contain dangerous solvents, nevertheless, good ventilation in working rooms is recommended as well as the use of safety tools and equipment. NC PUTTY WHITE is flammable and harmful if swallowed. If contact with eyes or skin occurs, wash well with fresh water and seek immediate medical advice.

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