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Paint Booth Anti Dust Coating - 5 Ltr/Can

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* Transparent Adhesive coating specially designed for painting booths.

* It holds dust and airborne dirt at the same time protects the booth.

* Dust adheres perfectly to the coating.

* Easy to apply by using the spray gun, brush, or roller long-lasting.

* It is also easy to remove with warm water or a pressure sprayer after a long period.

* Heat resistant to temperatures around 85c.

* Pleasant aroma, perfect light reflection, and environmentally friendly use.

* Clean and remove any traces of grease from the surface to treat.

* Apply from top to bottom and from left to right drawing a fan while the coating is wet to obtain thickness enough.

* After application clean materials with water.


  • Avoid contact with Skin and Eye
  • In case of large exposition use of protective Gloves and Glass is recommended.
  • In case of contact with the eyes, rinse them immediately with a large amount of water and consult a doctor right away.


  • Excellent Solvent resistance.
  • Non-Tacky.
  • Dries to a clear film.
  • Easy Application.
  • Fast and easy removal.

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