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Seller : Blue Rhine
Product Code : D48206
Duct Tape - 27 Mesh - 48 MM x 20 Yards x 4 Rolls
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The tape is made of three different layers each with distinctive properties. The top layer is a polyethylene film that prevents the accumulation of moisture from seeping in. The middle layer is made of a mesh cloth that is easily torn, but also provides high tensile strength. The bottom layer is the adhesive which is natural rubber and super tacky to provide an instant aggressive seal on both regular, and irregular, surfaces.

  • Professional grade duct tape is with thick and pressure sensitive adhesive for smooth or rough materials.
  • Great for bundling, taping cords, patching, reinforcing and more
  • Suitable for temporary repairs and DIY Projects
  • Great strength for durability< li>
  • Tears vertically and horizontally for versatile application
  • Aggressive rubber-based adhesive for excellent holding power to masonry, wood, plastic and glass
  • Great stretch and conformability to hold tightly around corners, bends and curves

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