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Product Code : MARINE PLY-18X4X8

Marine Plywood 18 MM x 4' x 8'

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Marine Ply used for exterior and high water-exposure applications: This plywood has a great threshold for water exposure. Hence, marine-grade is used outdoors as garden furniture or staircases. Going by the name they are used in the boat-making industry where exposure to water is high.

The Advantages of marine plywood

1. Good Water Resistant

Marine plywood is good water-resistant. It is also long-lasting after exposure to water. Therefore it is useful for making parts for boats and ships. But it is not completely waterproof, so it needs to be changed after a few years or a couple of decades.

If you use Marine Plywood for an indoor and outdoor project, it can run for decades.

2. Surface finish

Marine plywood is made from solid veneer wood. Because of this, the surface of the plywood is quite fine and gives a wooden appearance.

Plywood can also be used without any paint and mica. But using paint and mica makes it more durable.

Being a smooth surface, it holds the laminate well. Being a fine surface, paint and polish can be easily done after grinding sandpaper with light hands.

3. Durability

Marine plywood is more durable than normal plywood, it maintains its strength even in bad weather. It remains sustainable for several decades in exterior and interior projects.

4. Flexibility

This Plywood is made of many thin pieces of wood. Because of this, it can be easily folded as per requirement. Marine Plywood is strong as well as flexible. So that when it is pressed more on the plywood, it turns and does not crack like wood.

5. Uniform Strength

The plywood does not have knots so there is general strength throughout the plywood. Douglas fir wood is used to make marine plywood. Which has knots but does not have holes in knots. So that it is strong. While manufacturing plywood, each of the other veneer layers is placed in the first cross. This method makes it stronger.

6. Good Density

Marine Plywood having a good density Holds the screw and nail very well.

7. Good Termites Resistant

Chemicals are used to protect marine plywood from termites and ants. Because of this, there is no need to care much about marine plywood.

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