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Product Code : COMMERCIAL-PLY-6.0X4X8
Commercial Plywood 6 MM x 4' x 8'
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  • Commercial plywood is the most commonly used interior plywood, that is, used in homes and offices.
  • Commercial plywood is best used in dry rooms such as living rooms, offices, offices, etc.
  • It is most commonly used to make furniture, wall panels, partitions, etc.
  • However, for the site, contact with water is expected and it is best to use waterproof plywood,

Frequently Bought Together

  • The interior design mainly uses commercial plywood. Low cost and large output.  
  • The required design can be easily achieved because of its flexibility and wear resistance
  • These cuts give an attractive design
  • Bookshelves, furniture, and chandeliers are applications that are extracted from commercial plywood.
  • Interior designers have adapted the home decor of commercial plywood as they offer a range.
  • Commercial plywood is a huge alternative to traditional interior design elements such as cement, tiles, metal, synthetic paints, and many other materials.
  • They are also cost-effective compared to similar products without compromising quality.
  • Due to their high durability and tensile strength, interior designers have lost taboos when seeking artistic conversion and creative structures.
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