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Pre-Filter(G3) Synthetic Fiber Blank 15 MM x 2 Mtr x 20 Mtr

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Synthetic fibre filter media is created by chemical synthesis, the process where chemicals are added to fibre-forming materials. Different techniques such as needle spinning and thermobonding are then carried out to create twisted, multi-directional, uniform materials. These fibres vary in weight and thickness giving the media excellent dust-holding capacity. The polymer's low resistance to airflow also makes the media highly efficient as it reduces overall energy consumption.


G3 and G4 synthetic fibre filter media is used for filtering coarse dust particles sized > 10 µm and is commonly used in applications such as pre or main filters in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, pleated media support, panel filters and electronic cabinets.

Key Features

  • Excellent dust retention.
  • Environmentally friendly, does not release fibres into the air during application.
  • High resistance to water.
  • Commonly used in paint booth industries


  • Conforms to EN 779:2012 for determining air filter performance

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