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Product Code : Q-GRIP-CLAMP-600MM

Quick Grip Clamps Heavy Duty-24”/600 MM

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The Quick-Grip and Trigger clamps offer the ultimate convenience and versatility for clamping tasks in the workshop. They're ideal for heavy-duty applications such as installation, demolition work, and rough glue-up. Clamping force is distributed throughout the entire face of the pads.

This clamp comes with a fit, features, and firm pressure that's strong enough for any clamping job.

What Are Quick-Grip Clamps Used For?

The quick grip clamp is a swift and highly versatile clamping tool that is used where speed in clamping is the priority. It is a clamp designed with a mechanism that allows the user to open and close the jaws swiftly in a single movement. It is sometimes referred to as the quick-release clamp due to how quickly it can clamp a workpiece and release it from the grip. This clamp is very popular and useful to DIYers as well as professionals because of the ease of using it. It offers very powerful and reliable clamping with minimum effort.

The clamp could also be easily referred to as a one-handed clamp because it can be tightened and released using just one hand. It might not sound like much but having one hand always free is a big advantage to users of the quick-action tool. This tool is perfect for the type of work that requires you to perform it with one hand, for example, overhead tasks, or if another tool needs to be used as the clamping is being done.

This is also a big advantage in situations where you need to grip large or heavy objects and hold the workpiece with your other hand till it is in place. The one-handed operation allows you to have the pieces of the workpiece quickly in place and are very useful in complicated or fussy jobs.

The quick grip clamp usually comprises a spindle that has a rolled thread to provide ease of movement and to have the maximum clamping force. It also has a fixed jaw and a sliding jaw which are both drop forged and made from hardened and tempered carbon tool steel. It also contains a locking pawl installed to prevent the accidental opening of the clamp.

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