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Product Code : PC-HEX-6x19.0-TF

Self Drilling Screw with Grey EPDM washer 6 MM x 19 MM-450 Pcs/Pkt

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A self-drilling screw is a type of tool that has the same design features as a drill bit or cutting tool. As the name implies, self-drilling screws do not require a pilot hole in order to perform as a fastener. Their function is governed by the same rules that apply to cutting tools, which are speed of cutting, feed rate, depth of required cut, and type of material to be connected. They are designed to work on soft steel, wood, and metals.

The versatile and practical self-drilling screw has been in use for many years as a method for connecting materials. Since self-drilling screws do not require a pilot hole, they can rapidly and efficiently connect a variety of materials, which enhances productivity and performance.

The types and varieties of self-drilling screws make them applicable to a variety of construction and fabricating operations. From applying metal roofing to finishing assemblies, self-drilling screws have become a valuable tool in manufacturing, fabrication, and production.

How Self-Drilling Screws are Used


Self-drilling screws for metal roofing are specially designed with a washer to form a tight seal when fastening. As with all self-drilling screws, they have a drill bit formed point that makes inserting them quick and easy.


Previous to the development of the self-drilling screw, builders had to drill pilot holes before inserting screws. Self-drilling screws have eliminated the need for this extra step, which has reduced time on jobs and made the process more efficient. The total process can be performed in a quarter of the time it took under the pre-drill method.

Sheet Metal

Metal sheets are used to frame a wide variety of products. To speed up the production process and ensure tight connections, self-drilling screws are used as fasteners. The drill-like tip of self-drilling screws is preferred over other methods of fastening due to its efficiency. Industries that use self-drilling screws for metal fastening include automobile construction, building, and furniture manufacturing.

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