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Product Code : ASMACO-GP-CLR

Asmaco Silicon(GP-PREMIUM) Clear 24Nos/Ctn

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Product Description:

ASMACO GP is a high-quality single-component acetic cure silicone sealant that vulcanizes on exposure to moisture in the air at room temperature, to produce a flexible elastomeric sealant. It is suitable for all common construction and glazing applications. It is easy to apply and offers excellent adhesion to a variety of nonporous substrates such as glass, glazed ceramic tiles, and aluminum. It is resistant to ozone, ultraviolet radiation, and temperature extremes.

Key Performance Properties:

Easy to use one component type

  • Fast curing
  • Permanently elastic
  • Very good unprimed adhesion
  • Antifungal to suit sanitary and wet area applications
  • Cures at room temperature at ambient humidity conditions.
  • Outstanding adhesiveness to many nonporous substrates, including Glass, Glazed Ceramics, Aluminum, Masonry, some Plastics, etc. …
  • Excellent resistance to weathering, moisture, ozone, UV, temperature Extremes, etc…


Nonstructural glazing

  • Structural attachment of many panel systems
  • Demanding sanitary applications
  • Panel stiffener applications
  • Aluminum, steel, painted metal, EIFS, granite, and other stone, concrete, brick, and Plastics

Typical Properties:

  • Cure system - Acetic.
  • Available Colors - White, Black, Cream, Grey, Beige, Brown
  • Specific Gravity-0.96
  • Slump-Nil
  • Skin over time @ 25oC, Minutes max, - 10
  • Tack free time, minutes @ RT, Approx-30
  • Application temperature o C - 5 to 40
  • Cure rate, mm/day-2- 3 mm.
  • Hardness, Shore A, Approx – 17
  • Elastic Recovery % Approx - >90

Mechanical Properties:

  • Tensile @100% elongation, MPa, Approx - <0.4
  • Tensile Strength, MPa, Approx – 1
  • Elongation at Break, %, Approx – 600

Usage Instructions:

ASMACO GP is supplied as a ready-to-use product. the product can be used with normal caulking guns. The surface must be clean, and dry and should be free from oil, grease, dust, and frost. After suitable joint preparation and masking, attach the nozzle to the cartridge, cut to the required dimension, and the sealant is gunned into the gap continuously. The non sag paste consistency of the material makes it very friendly and, easy to tool with a spatula. The product cures at room temperature when it is exposed to moisture and the curing happens from surface to inside the sealant. The skin formation happens within a maximum period of 10 minutes. Any necessary tooling has to be completed within 5 minutes of application. If in case the masking tape is used to mark the area, it has to be removed before skin is formed. Install backing material or joint the filler, setting blocks, spacer shims, and tapes. Mask areas adjacent to joints to ensure neat sealant lines. Primer is generally not required on non-porous surfaces, but may be necessary for optimal sealing of certain porous surfaces. A test placement is always recommended. Apply Asmaco GP Silicone Sealant in a continuous operation using positive pressure. (The sealant can be applied using many types of air-operated guns and most types of bulk dispensing equipment.) Before a skin forms (typically within 5 minutes), tool the sealant with light pressure to spread the sealant against the backing material and joint surfaces. Remove masking tape as soon as the bead is tooled.

Cure time:

The time required for curing is affected by atmospheric conditions like relative humidity and temperature, degree of confinement, and thickness of the sealant. The product cures at a rate of 3mm per day @ 25 and a relative humidity of 50%. Less moisture content reduces the rate of cure. Curing time increases with thickness.

The application in confined spaces generally lengthens the curing process. It is possible that in total confinement the curing will not be complete and this will result in the softening of the sealant in elevated temperatures. Metal-to-metal bonds should not overlap more than one inch. Every application involving confinement while curing must be thoroughly tested before commercialization. Vinegar-like odour given o during curing is due to the acetic acid liberated as a part of the curing reaction and it disappears as the curing progress. Once the curing is complete, the further odour will not be detectable.


Caution: Product Data Sheet www.anchorallied.com 2 Direct contact with uncured sealant irritates eyes and may irritate the skin. Overexposure to vapor may irritate the nose and throat. Avoid eye and skin contact. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not handle contact lenses with sealant on hand. In case of eye contact, flush your eyes with plenty of fresh water for 15 minutes and obtain medical attention. In case of skin contact, remove from the skin and flush with water. The sealant liberates acetic acid on curing. Keep out of reach of children. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to know more about handling and safe usage.

Storage and Shelf Life:

Store in a cool dry place, not over 25oC away from direct sunlight and source of heat. ASMACO GP has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing if stored in the original unopened container. In places where high heat and humidity are present, special precautions must be taken. Store products in a covered, well-ventilated warehouse and avoid excessive heat conditions. Storage in high heat, and high humidity conditions may reduce shelf life by around 30%. Follow First In First Out strictly. Cartons should always be stacked upright with nozzle tips pointing upwards. Don’t stack cartons on their sides. Never stack cartons more than 8 high. Don’t store within one meter of roofing of the warehouse or storage building

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