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Novastar A5s Receving Card

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• A5s is a high-end receiving card developed by NovaStar
• Supports up to 32 parallel data groups and 128 serial data groups.
• Supports pixel-level brightness and chroma calibration by working with NovaLCT and NovaCLB
• Support for up to 1/64 scan, 3D function, auto module calibration, the Mapping function.
• Maximum Loading Capacity: 320×256 pixels (8-bit),256×256 pixels (10-bit/12-bit).
• Input voltage: DC 3.3 V–5.5 V.
• Dimensions  : 70.0 mm × 45.0 mm × 7.3 mm.
• Weight: 17.3 g.
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The A5s is a high-end small receiving card developed by NovaStar. A single A5s loads up 320×256 pixels (8bit), or 256×256 pixels (10bit/12bit).
It Supports the pixel level brightness and chroma calibration, individual Gamma adjustment for RGB, and 3D functions, the A5s can greatly improve the display effect and user experience. The A5s uses high-density connectors for communication to limit the effects of dust and vibration, resulting in high stability.
It supports up to 32 groups of parallel RGB data or 64 groups of serial data (expandable to 128 groups of serial data). Its reserved pins allow for custom functions of users. Thanks to its EMC Class B compliant hardware design, the A5s has improved electromagnetic compatibility and is suitable to various on-site setups

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Brand NovaStar
Country of Manufacture China